Cliques Don't Belong in Church!

In society we are known by our social status! In school you have the jocks, the cheerleaders, the popular kids, the nerds, and there's those that are somewhere in between. Very quickly, kids begin to form "cliques" and spend time only with their certain friends. They eat together, go to each others houses for sleepovers, birthday parties, and as they get older, their weekends are filled with their "friends". When I was in 6th grade, I already had my set of friends. This new girl walks into the room and I remember seeing a girl very different from myself. She had way too much make-up on for our age and wore outfits that my parents would have never let me leave the house wearing. I began to hear whispers from others around the room as she had entered. At that moment I had a decision to make. I could run off with my group of friends and let her fend for herself, or do something. I walked over to this girl and began to talk with her. I invited her to sit near me, play outside with me and eventually, I invited her to church and to church camp. As the years went by, we grew apart and went our separate ways. We ran into each other once in awhile and later I added her as a FB friend. She began to tell me about how she never knew Jesus loved her until I invited her to camp, and how she ran away from it for awhile, but then she found God once again. What would have happened if I had just walked away from her that day in 6th grade to be with my clique? Where would she be today?

In churches today, I find there's a lot of "Religious Cliques". You have the staff, the specific "helpers" for each department, the ones who are wealthy and give that amazing tithe, and then there's the ones that fall to the side. They may not be new, but have never really fit in. Maybe they have tried and in their mind failed. Maybe they see all these people who know each other and have never once seen a friendly smile, or someone that has taken the time to break away from their "friends" to extend an invitation to be apart. Sometimes all it takes is for someone to ask. If you are sitting in church and people can look at you and say, "oh, I know her, she's friends with this person and that person", then you are not being the Christian you are called to be. You have wrapped yourself up into a "clique" and have not allowed others to step inside and be apart. There should be no "cliques" in church, for we should all be willing to work together and stand side by side for God's kingdom. We should be united and remember that greeters are there to greet the door, but we should all have our hands extended to each other in friendship and love. Let's not get wrapped up in our social status at church, for God loves us, and has given each of us an invitation to be apart of His life forever!

James 2:1-4 "My dear brothers and sisters, as believers in our glorious Lord Jesus Christ, never think some people are more important than others. Suppose someone comes into your church meeting wearing nice clothes and a gold ring. At the same time a poor person comes in wearing old, dirty clothes. You show special attention to the one wearing nice clothes and say, 'please, sit here in this good seat.' But you say to the poor person 'Stand over there.' or, 'sit on the floor by my feet.' What are you doing? You are making some people more important than others, and with evil thoughts you are deciding that one person is better."


Nothing Replaces the Bible

Each day, my children and I set aside time to read and pray. I actually schedule this time in so that it is never forgotten, and also, so that time doesn't get away from us and it doesn't get pushed aside. One day I found my son reading these Christian books during his devotional time. I reminded him that there are times to read those books, but they can never replace the Bible.

The Bible is a book that was "breathed" by God. It is His words, and is the only book in the entire world that is without error. In this day and age, we have so many resources. We have Christian book stores, online stores, websites, blogs, and can grab a kindle to find every book imaginable. These books can be a great help along our Christian journey, but we need to be careful not to replace it with the Bible. Man wrote all these other books, and if people are all imperfect, then so are their books! The Bible is the one true source to tell us how to live, and what God expects of us as followers of Christ.

The world we live in has gradually become a gray world. There is no black or white, right or wrong, only acceptance of whatever someone wants to do. The Bible is very specific in what is right and wrong, how we should pray, and where we will go when this world ends. No other book can replace the truth that comes from God's word. I encourage you each day to take time to read the Bible, even if it's only one chapter a day. Set aside those "help" books for a moment, and pray before you read. Pick a version that is best for you, ask God to help you truly understand each part, and allow Him to reveal His ultimate plan for your life!

Joshua 1:8 "Study this Book of Instruction continually. Meditate on it day and night so you will be sure to obey everything written in it. Only then will you prosper and succeed in all you do."