A Father to the Fatherless

I recently watched a show called "Intervention". This show followed drug addicts throughout their day, documenting the pain and turmoil that not only the addict feels, but the emotional heartbreak of the family that surrounds them. As I began to watch the different story lines of these addicts, I saw a pattern form. In each tragic story, the father was absent from their life. For some of them their father never wanted anything to do with them. In others, the father was at one time their hero, and in hard times abandoned them. In each scenario, you could feel the pain that was caused by rejection of the one person that was suppose to care for them the most. Some of these children, abused by others, and ignored by their parents, were once little children with beautiful smiles, a hope for life, and an innocence that was ripped from them. In each of these stories, their life changed once they hit middle school. The reality of life hit them, and since they had no father to run into the arms of, they began searching for something to fill the void. They found people that would "accept" them for who they were. They felt like they were closer to the drugs and to those friends than they were to their own fractured family.

The family unit is fading fast. We no longer have two parents raising children, we have a growing majority of split homes, multiple divorces, and kids left in the balance. How do we repair the damage of those whose father's have abandoned them, the ones who have been abused, or those that feel like there's just no hope? The reality is that there will always be those parents in this world of sin, and there will always be those kids that are left to pick up the pieces.

I recently read a book called, "One Home at a Time" by Dennis Rainey. In this book he talks about the declining family unit and its effect on America. He begins by telling a story of a couple who were on the verge of a divorce. Both the husband and the wife had been through many things in their life, and neither knew how to truly love each other. As they were about to sign the divorce papers, they agreed to go to a marriage conference. Reluctantly they went and God began to speak to them. Their life was not instantly changed, but they decided to "try". Though they didn't know how to pray, they threw some words out to God, in hopes that He was out there somewhere. The road wasn't easy, they both continued to fight, and in the midst would stop and pray. As each day went by, they found they were starting to feel love once again for each other, and their child saw the amazing difference that God was making in their family.

In the Bible it says that God is a "Father to the fatherless". He is the one we turn to in the time of trouble. How do we help those who feel they have no hope? How do we reach those millions of children, teens, and adults who have been abused and abandoned by their own father? We pray! In 2 Corinthians 7:14, the Bible says, "If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land."

Our nation is in a crisis, and the ship is sinking fast. We may feel like things look hopeless, and how can you as one person change anything. It begins with prayer! If you are a person who has been abandoned by their father, or you're a single mom, trying to be a mom and a dad to your children, don't give up hope! He is the Father to the fatherless, He is the one that when all others fail, we can run into His arms. He will never leave us nor forsake us, and He is the one that we pray to when the road is long and all hope is gone.