Keep Moving Forward!

Recently my husband was in the hospital. At that moment it was scary, because things were unknown. While in the hospital, he had some tests done with no questions answered. Once he left, we began our search for, "why". He began to go to a specialist and then began to take more tests. As each test is taken, and no answers are given, we eventually became discouraged. Yet, we need to find a reason, so that we can try to do our best to prevent it from happening again...so we keep moving forward!

I recently talked with someone who was struggling with an addiction. Try as they might, they could not get a hold on it. They became discouraged and at times just wanted to give up and cave in, since they were sinners, and well, they couldn't help themselves any longer. I told them to keep moving towards God. Each step taken is one step closer to victory. Sure, there are steps back in life, and we all experience them, but if we take two steps forward, and one step back, we are still one step closer!

I gave them an example for this. When a person is addicted to chocolate, and never exercise, their addiction grows...along with their waistline! If a person begins to take a step forward by going on a treadmill, or going to the gym, they will begin to move forward in their goals. If they cave and slam a bunch of chocolate down and give up, they have just taken several steps back and are no longer moving forward. But, if they realize what they have just done, jump back on the treadmill and try again, they begin to align their goals, moving forward yet again.

It is easy to find time for the things of this world. If you had a choice between chocolate or exercise, which would you choose? Unless you are obsessed with fitness, you would choose chocolate. But, is that good for us? Sin is easy; it's comfortable. If you have a choice between going to church or watching that football game; watching your favorite t.v. show or spending extra time reading God's word; Reading your favorite novel or donating extra time to help out at your church, which would you choose? Sometimes it takes discipline to set yourself aside and put God first. If you have picked up that chocolate, neglected your Bible, stopped donating your time, you are not moving forward and will find yourself in a place you may not want or expect yourself to be! Let's remember that it is not always easy to put away our addictions, that is why they have that name! But, through Christ, and dying to ourselves daily, we can begin to take those steps toward Christ and away from the things that destroy us! If you find yourself in the midst of your sin, it is never too late to take those steps. Pick up your Bible, drop to your knees in prayer, put down the chocolate...and keep moving forward!

1 Chronicles 16:11 "Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always."