Have you ever been praying and in the middle of your prayers you stop and suddenly remember a list of things you need to do later? Or...you are singing along to a church worship song, and your mind wanders as you begin realizing how hungry you are and how a cheeseburger sure sounds good! Lastly, you are tired, your kids have been sick and kept you up all night, and at the end of the service you have literally been "Sleep sitting"! As the sermon goes on, you realize that you heard absolutely nothing of what was just said to you! Distractions! Lack of Focus! We have all been there!

Lately God has been sharing with me about having a "true" heart. These things I wrote about are your basic distractions that the average person goes through occasionally. But, what if these things become a pattern and you begin to realize that as you are worshiping, you are not focused on God, and you are constantly distracted by the world around you.

I recently spoke to the Middle School youth on having a true heart of worship. Anyone can stand up and sing a song, raise their hands in praise and prayer, and go through the motions. Anyone can sit through a sermon, have their Bible rest on their lap, and not hear one word that was spoken. If while we are singing our songs, we aren't praising God with our heart, then the words are pointless. We can sit through every sermon, but if we aren't truly listening and desiring to learn how to apply what is said to our lives, we have gained nothing. Singing songs with just our lips and listening only with our ears will never help us develop a true relationship with God. God desires a heart that is thankful and full of praise.

We have all had those moments of distraction, but let it not become a pattern in our lives. As we sing a song of praise, let us sing with a heart that is focused on God and all the wonderful things He has done for us. When we pray, let us set aside our to do list and give God our undivided attention. When we hear a sermon, let us put aside our weekly distractions, our tiredness, and hunger pains, to try hard to focus on the truth that is being shared. Let our hearts and lives not become so distracted that we no longer have time or a desire to focus on the one thing that matters most!

John 4:24 "God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in spirit and in truth."