Yes, God...I'll Do it!

God has been working on my heart recently. He urged me to put Him first with everything, and that this year should be a year with the motto "Fear to Faith". He encouraged me to say "Yes" and let Him take care of the rest. So, I first grabbed my laptop and created a better budget. Now, I am an organized person, so I have had a budget for years. The difference between this budget, and the one I had before, is that I would up my tithe and trust more in God! Being a family with one small income, it makes it tough to trust sometimes, even though I feel like that's all we do! After the budget, I found an old "Journal" book that was empty, and decided to record daily the things that God placed on my heart, or in my life that day. I wrote down the desires of my heart for my life, and the needs that seem impossible to reach! I then wrote down my goals of giving and helping! I asked God to bring before me, people who needed a blessing! I had to begin to focus off of myself, and begin to focus on the needs of others!

So, through this month's journey, I began to ask God to bring others before me, and that when asked to do something that I knew was for Him, I would say "yes". He began to show me people in need. I would hop in a car, and see that their gas tank was on empty, or be asked to visit a child in the hospital. I began to see the needs of others, that may seem small to us, and large to them!

This morning God reminded me of so many things that I have said "No" to. I have turned down so many things in my life for fear of failure. I like my comfort zone, and realize that I only attempt things that I know I can succeed at! I began to wonder where I would be, and how much God could have blessed me, if I had only been willing to say, "Yes...I'll do it!"

I encourage you today to say "Yes" to God! Don't let the doubts and fears of failure keep you from what God has for you! You can hold yourself back and never try, never fail, and never succeed!

Philippians 4:6 "Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God."

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