Joy in the Small Things

We recently received a call that a church was in desperate need of a drummer. Their current drummer had a family emergency and would be unable to play that Sunday. A couple of members of the church worked with my husband and knew that we had a son who played drums. They contacted us, in hope that our son would be free to help them out. He willingly accepted and eagerly went to help them in their time of need. As we walked into the church, it was just a small chapel that actually was held in a funeral home. There were about 30 members in this small room, and yet you could tell that each one was happy to be there.

Now, our son is only 14. He has played drums since he was 7, but he is still very young. He played with them, and the joy that overcome the group was amazing. They instantly fell in love with him, begging him to come back soon. When the worship team had finished playing their last song, the woman at the piano jumped up instantly, ran over to my son, and grabbed him in a tight embrace. Joy covered her face as she confessed from the platform, "You are such an inspiration!." The bass player stopped everyone to say how you can learn drums, but some things can't be learned, and our son just "had it". The man beamed from ear to ear as he had proclaimed this statement.

As I watched all this take place, of course I was proud of my son, but the thing I saw most was the amazing joy that this group of people felt. They were so happy to have someone play drums with them, that they didn't care he was only a teen. They didn't sit with their list of rules of who could play and who qualified for what; they had a need, and this person willing came to help them. They didn't have much, and were so grateful for just a little bit of help. The hug that lady gave my son, was full of so much heart and gratitude that you could see and "feel" that it came straight from her soul. Later the sermon was on rules and how we as people have a long list of rules that everyone has to follow. We create all these laws that no one can ever match up to. We put barriers between us and forget the love. This little church reminded me of why I love ministry. I love those small churches, that start out with all heart. I love those who just want to give all that they have, without all the rules attached to it. They give with free abandonment; they love unconditionally.

It is easy to get caught up in the numbers, the rules, the laws, and the little unimportant details. Let us remember the joy we had when we were young and started something new. When you had nothing, and yet felt you had everything. When we were full of joy at the tiniest gesture of help and love, for we knew that God had an amazing journey ahead of us! He still does! Have you life? Have you breath? Don't stop dreaming of God's plans for you and may you find joy in the little things along the way!

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