Seek Him First!

My boys are busy, often running around in a hurry! In the chaos, they often misplace things. I try to remind my boys that if you lose something, the first thing you need to do is pray about it! So many times they look and look for things missing, and the second we pray, God reveals it to us! Today, my oldest son lost his keys to his car at the local gaming center. He looked, and looked, and then called me in a panic. I drove over there, huddled the boys together in the parking lot, and we prayed! We walked in, and I said to him, "Did you check the garbage?" Sure enough, it was there! He threw it away with candy wrappers he had in his pocket! We were in there a total of 30 seconds before he found it!

It is amazing to think that God cares about our smallest of needs, but reminds us that we need to look to Him first! How many times do we try to do things in our strength? How many times are we too independent to pray? As Christians, the first thing on our minds should be to cry out to God for our needs, and yet we continue to fight our own fight. I am thankful that God reminds us to seek Him first, to run to Him in our time of need, and to know that even when we foolishly try every other path, He is waiting there for us to come back to Him for the answers.

My son lost something important to him. He searched and searched on his own, leaving himself feeling distraught and frustrated. Not finding what he desired, he calls for me, hoping that I can rescue him from his plight. How many times do we turn to each other first for wisdom, instead of running to God for help? May we truly learn to lean on God, put Him first in all our circumstances, and allow Him to be in control of every part of our life! May we always, "Seek Him First".

Luke 12:31 "But rather seek ye the kingdom of God; and all these things shall be added unto you.

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