God's amazing protection!

Continuing on with my stories of miracles and protection, I want to take you back to when I was just a young child. My father was a farmer, but to make ends meet, he also worked in our nearby small town. One day he climbed up a ladder that was on the outside of a very tall grain elevator. At the top was a lid that he had to lift, but it was pretty far away from where he was. As he began to reach for this lid, he began to realize that the ladder was no longer attached to the building. As if in slow motion, he saw the ladder start to move away for the building, as his body started falling backwards. My father frantically looked for something, anything to grab onto, but everything was smooth and there was no place to get his grip. As he saw the building move farther away from his grasp, he felt two hands, placed on the small of his back, and he and the ladder were pushed back up to the side of the building. Shocked, stunned and speechless, God had just saved him from death! I am so thankful for God's protection for my father and that he is alive to be with us today!

Psalm 91:3 "He will keep you safe from all hidden dangers..."

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