Making it Through by the skin of God's Teeth!

I love to play those cheesy little computer games. You know the ones where you have to blast the balls, or match the colors. Every time I think I'm about dead, I somehow come out alive and live to fight the next round. Sometimes I breeze right through a level and other times I barely make it by the skin of my teeth; I think I've lost and out of nowhere I make it through.

When I barely squeak through, God reminds me that my life is alot like that. There are moments when life seems like a breeze and everything is going my way. Finances look good, children are healthy, husband has a good job and the weeks fly by. And then there are the times when I feel like I am barely squeaking by. Finances may be very tight, the children are constantly sick and the weeks drag on as if they will never end! God reminds me that He is in charge of it all. He blesses me with hope and strength to stand on my own during the good times and carries me through those rough times. I may feel like I won't make it to that next level in my life, but somehow through the grace of God, I make it! After those times have finished, I look back and stand amazed at how difficult and hard it was for me, and yet miraculously God brought me through.

In Psalm 56:3 it says, "When I am afraid, I will trust in you." At those moments when you feel your heart stop and you feel like you are barely making it through, just drop it all in the lap of God. It's funny how we think we are somehow in control of it all and that we are the ones just squeaking by in life. God knows every part of us and we need to learn to just trust in Him and let him walk beside us at times and carry us at others.

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